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Best bridal bouquet

30 March 2020

A bridal bouquet is not just an attribute at the celebration, but an important component of the bride’s image, which takes the public attention.

Therefore, it must be unique and as beautiful as a bride in a wedding dress. It is important to highlight the accents, choose the right color scheme for a bridal bouquet!

Best bridal bouquet: trendy types

Pomander bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet in the form of a ball is very popular nowadays. It’s also called pomander. A small volume of a bouquet is appropriate for almost any bride's dress. This style is compact and lightweight, does not interfere with the hands. It’s one of the best types of a bridal bouquet and ideal for young girls.

Cascade bridal bouquet

A cascade bouquet is a very popular variety of bridal bouquets, which is well suited for tall and slender ones. It may look like a waterfall, droplet or arc. A cascade bouquet is a delicate work of a florist who needs to make a lot of effort so that the bouquet does not crumble and lose shape at the most crucial moment.

It is made using decorative wire, on which flowers are planted. Very often, this type of bouquet is decorated with pearls and stones. Such an accessory will also not be left without attention since it belongs to the category of original ones.

A drop-down bouquet is more suitable for weddings in the church or wedding photoshoot. It is very fragile and can crumble at the most inopportune moment.

Biedermeier style bridal bouquet

A bouquet in the Biedermeier style is usually called a rounded composition of flowers (half a ball), in which the stems are almost invisible, and the flower heads are tightly adjacent to each other. The flowers are arranged in a circle around the central flower. Due to the layout and use of the Biedermeier style bouquets, they are always fixed with a convenient handle. Therefore, compositions in this style are indispensable in cases where the bouquet is part of the costume or an important part of the ceremony.

A feature of Biedermeier bouquets is that, using flowers that differ in hue and shape, choosing long or short stems, buds of different degrees of openness, you can achieve fantastic results. Each composition will be individual, not like the others, the bride’s bouquet can become a real highlight of the outfit. Biedermeier wedding bouquets are especially good for fragile girls in classic fluffy dresses. This is just the type of bouquet that will help create the image of a gentle romantic bride.

In the image of the bride, everything should be perfect - from a wedding dress to a bouquet. Bouquets for spring or summer weddings should be light and airy. No shiny paper and flashy tones!