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Wedding Traditions and customs in Armenia

19 February 2019

A person who has visited the Armenian wedding at least once will never forget this unique ceremony.

One of the most joyful and important events in the life of almost all nations of the world is a wedding, which Armenians love to celebrate with special care and love.

An Armenian wedding is a bright and colourful celebration, full of songs, dances, traditional rituals and interesting toasts.

After a small feast in the groom's house, all relatives with gifts, as well as sweets, fruit and wine on trays, go to the bride's house.

The first place to visit is Bride’s house: many cars with horns make a noise of happiness so that everyone knows that it is their wedding day!

Upon arrival at the house of the bride, girls and boys dance in front of the bride’s house carrying baskets full of fruits, cognac, presents, bride’s wedding shoes. There is an interesting custom to hide one of the bride’s shoes.

When the couple is about to come out of the house, the bride’s brother holds a knife on the front door, preventing them from exiting. The boy takes the knife away only when he is given a symbolic sum of money.

After that, the couple together with the guests go to the church – to get their blessings and tie their relationship.

In general, the whole complex of rituals are performed in front of the groom's house - the breaking of plates, feeding with honey, putting Lavash (the Armenian bread) on the bride and groom’s shoulders and dancing under the music made by the musicians.

The feast is continued in the restaurant.

The main characters at the Armenian wedding

The major characters at the wedding are Qavor and Qavorkin - godfather and godmother, Azab Bashi (groom’s brother or a friend who is not married) and the bride’s sister.

Tamada (the person who runs the ceremony) monitors the filling of glasses, proclaims toasts, arranges competitions and dances.

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