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Wedding decoration and fourchette in Armenia - Mon Amie

06 December 2018

Fourchette ("la fourchette" is a French word, which means "fork") is a kind of party, during which exclusively cold snacks are put on the table and the main "working tool" of the guests becomes the fork.

As one familiar song lyrics say: "The wedding is once in the lifetime, maybe twice or thrice, but that's not for us." Of course, this is a questionable topic, but nevertheless, every couple, regardless of the first or third marriage, wants that magic day to be unforgettable and fully organized.

While preparing for the wedding, everyone wants to have time for herself/himself, but there are so many wedding affairs – a wedding dress, invitations and choices for a restaurant and menu, a choice of events, a wedding decoration, a wedding fourchette and so on.

Fortunately, today there are many opportunities to avoid this headache and to rely on a designer to organize at least the wedding decoration and the fourchette.

Wedding decoration and the fourchette are an inseparable part of the wedding, so you should not save money on these services. You can simply trust the professionals to organize this important ceremony.

And who will organize these events?

Mon Amie flower and design boutique offers you a wedding preparation, as well as the fourchette preparation. Our professional team is ready to take on the pleasure of making your important day even more beautiful.

The wedding decoration is beautiful when it is spiced with art and love, Mon Amie flower and design boutique has never lacked creative thoughts and love.

Our professional staff will help you to make your celebration more interesting and unique. Let your guests be fascinated and surprised by your wedding ceremony.

Welcome to Mon Amie flower and design boutique, and we promise that your expectations will be more than justified.