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The best gift for Valentine's day in Armenia

29 January 2019

Young people all over the world love to celebrate Valentine's Day: lovers congratulate each other and give "Valentines" (cards in the form of a heart) and other gifts.

At the same time, the Armenians have their own saint, the patron saint of lovers - Saint Sargis.

Saint Sargis – the Armenian patron of all lovers

t. Valentine’s day in Armenia is called in honor of St. Sargis, who lived in 285-337. He was one of the most beloved saints of the Armenian people.

Armenian history is rich in saints, so why exactly Saint Sargis is considered to be the patron of the young and lovers?

The legend

The answer to this question is the legend: when the group led by Sargis returned home after defeating the enemies, they were invited to celebrate this event in the royal palace.

When the warriors fell asleep, the emperor, who hated Christians, ordered forty young girls to kill the soldiers in their sleep.

The girls fulfilled the emperor's cruel desire, and only one of them, captivated by the beauty of Sargis, instead of killing, kissed him.

Having fallen in love with each other at first sight, young people ran away from the city. So, love saved the life of Sargis. That’s why he is considered to be the patron saint of all lovers.

The best gift for lovers’ day

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