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Top 5 most beautiful flowers in the world

04 October 2018

There are a lot of flowers in the world which deserve to be in the list of top 5 most beautiful flowers in the world, but we are going to represent to your attention the most unique and at the same time the most interesting flowers, which should be on the list.

Here you are:

1. Cherry Blossom Flowers

What can be more attractive than the cherry tree in blossom? Nothing! This view will amaze you, the odour of the flower will enter your heart and stay with you forever. In Japanese culture, Cherry blossom flowers indicate the new beginning.

2. Water Lilies

Do you know that there are nearly 70 different types of Water Lilies? And all of them are too gorgeous! They seem to be the only beauty in the dark, dirty ponds, besides that they protect the ecosystem. Water Lilies fill our hearts with pure emotions.

3. Lotus

One of the living proofs for the level of Lotus attraction is the fact that it opens in the morning and closes at night like a human being. Both the flowers and the leaves of this wonderful flower float above the water surface.

4. Tulips

You know there are more than 3000 types of tulips in the world. This diversity helps to make tulips the most popular and favourite flower in the world. Unfortunately, these wonderful flowers live only for 5-7 days.

5. Rose

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. In every nation, roses are the symbols of love and passion. That’s the main reason why roses are on our list. There are different types of roses in the world but the most attractive once are those with the best smell.

Flowers are an inseparable part of our life and the source of everyday energy. That’s why we strictly recommend you to give flowers to your favourites!

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Mon Amie, 04.10.2018