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The language of Flowers - How to express your feelings

06 July 2018

Since ancient times people have given each other flowers as a sign of love, gratitude, devotion or just for no matter.

By the time different types of flowers have acquired a unique value. In our series of articles, we will help you to choose flowers which match your emotions and intentions.

The origin of the flower language 

Selam - the language of flowers was originated in the East. Muslim women who do not have the right to freely express their feelings decided to create their own world - a world of flowers and smells.

They gave their single associations deep meaning and began to transfer them from generation to generation.

How the language of flowers has reached Europe

In Europe, in the first half of the 18th century, the language of flowers became famous, thanks to two people - Aubrey de la Mottreuil and Mary Worthley.

In the Victorian era, young men gave lilacs as a sign of their love, and proud girls decorated themselves with hydrangeas expressing their coldness and indifference.

The language of flowers - Flower etiquette

There are several rules for creating an ideal bouquet, but when choosing a colour scheme, you need to consider the case for which flowers are intended.

For official events, flowers with a more restrained colour are suitable. For an informal case, any shade will do. It is important to remember that gentle colours are the gentleness of the giver, bright colours are burning passion.

Floristics - A dream job

People began to decorate their houses with flowers in the fifth century BC. And in the future, of course, there were specialists who took this job for themselves.

Florists know the language of flowers and in addition, also designers know it. A good florist is also a psychologist. Going into the emotional sphere of the event can create a truly fabulous atmosphere.

Floristics in Armenia

And while we together with you will study the fascinating language of flowers, experts in floristry Mon Ami will help you create the perfect bouquet for all the important occasions of your life.