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New baby flowers and balloons delivery in Armenia [24/7]

07 June 2018

The birth of a baby is a magic and everyone tries to make the new mom happy.

In this article, you will find some variants and combinations of flowers with balloons.

Baby boy flowers and balloons

Flowers and balloons for a baby boy are a little bit different than the flowers for a baby girl. The first difference is the colour of the balloons. In general, people prefer blue colour for the baby boy’s everything. The balloons can be blue, green, purple and so on.

Flowers for the new mom and baby boy

As regards the flowers, we should mention that the flowers can be of different colours but people prefer the wrapping to be the colours suitable for a boy. But let’s not forget that the colours are all the same for the newborn, and choose flowers for the new mom.

Baby girl flowers and balloons

In general, people prefer pink balloons and flowers for girls, but it is a question of stereotypes, as there is not a line between boy’s blue colour and the girl’s pink.

Flowers for new mom and baby girl

It is not as difficult as in the boy’s case of choosing flower colour as both mom and the newborn baby are of the female gender. It will be more interesting to choose the flowers which new mom loves.

Baby girl flower arrangements

You can have flower arrangements for your baby girl at Mon Amie flower and design boutique. We will help you to make your baby girl’s arrival special both for the new mom and for the baby.

Baby boy flower arrangements

Baby boy flower arrangements can also be ordered at Mon Amie flower and design boutique. Here you will have a chance to find various types of arrangements so you can choose the prettiest one.

Flowers and balloons delivery in Armenia 24/7

We will help you to make someone’s day special by delivering flowers and balloons in Yerevan and all other regions of Armenia as well.  We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nothing is more gorgeous than a new baby entering the world! Make this day special for the people you love.