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Native flowers of Armenia - Flower delivery in Armenia [24/7]

15 June 2018

Armenia is a magic land full of fantastic flowers and nature.

Here are some species of flowers which are native flowers of Armenia.

Lilium Armenum

The flower Lilium is typical to Armenia that is why it has another name which is Lilium Armenum. The colour of the flower is golden and it can suit with any flower in a bouquet. Unfortunately, this flower is listed in Armenian Red book of plants.

Snowdrop flowers

Snowdrops flower has great importance for Armenians as it is believed that snowdrop flower is the first sign that winter is over and spring is coming. Armenians have a special feeling for this flower. They call it a snow flower.


Forget-me-not generally has such colours as blue, pink, white and yellow, with yellow centres. It was the symbol of Armenian Genocide 100th anniversary. Armenians honour this flower as it shows that Armenians will never forget the harshness of the Turkish government.

Lily Of the Valley

Lily of The Valley is an extinct flower which can be found in places full of water and sun. It is a perfect flower for a wedding bouquet mixed with other gorgeous flowers.

Everlasting Flower

The everlasting flower is very symbolic as it will be fresh until you get bored with it a dust it. There are various types of this flower in Armenia. It has a yellow colour and can be a perfect combination with other flowers.

Where to Buy Flowers in Armenia

There are many shops of flowers, many people who sell flowers in the streets so it is rather difficult to find the perfect bouquets of flowers which will be both unique and attractive to the eye.

We have a solution for you – Mon Amie Flower and design boutique which is situated in the heart of Yerevan in Moskovyan street. Visit us and find perfect flowers.