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The most Expensive flowers in the world

16 November 2018

Flowers are always considered to be the most desirable gift for any occasion. The custom of presenting flowers is widespread throughout the world.

And what are the most expensive flowers in the world? Let's find out together.

10. Lisianthus, one bunch costs $10 - $35

Lisianthus, Eustoma, "Irish Rose" these are an incomplete list of the names of this magnificent flower. Lisianthus can easily be confused with rose but it is in the list of the most expensive flowers.

9. Lily of the Valley, one bouquet costs $15 - $50

Lily of the Valley is a moist and thin flower. There are many types of lily and the best-known ones are pink, with large flowers and multi-coloured leaves and so on.

8. Hydrangea, one straw costs $6.5

The homelands of Hortensia flower are Japan and China. About 80 species of this flower are known to the world.

7. Gloriosa, one flower costs $6 - $10

Gloriosa is a large and a very beautiful flower. It has its own varieties all over the world.

6. Tulip Bulb, this flower was sold in the 17th century by $5,700

There are different types of tulips in the world and their homelands differ. The only disadvantage of the tulip is that the blossoming flower does not last long - 2-3 days.

5. Saffron Crocus, one pound costs $1200 - $1500

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is a handmade spice, and one flower crop is too small to get the spice. To get one-kilo saffron you need to use about 110,000-170,000 flowers. And the price of the Saffron flower is about $ 100 for 20 grams.

4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid, one flower costs $6000

The Gold of Kinabalu flower belongs to a large size orchid family. It blooms up to five flowers. This type of orchid has a unique odour.

3. Orchid (Shenzhen Nongke Orchid), one flower costs $200,000

This flower is very rare because it is grown only by Shenzhen Nongke Company. It took them 8 years to create this wonderful flower.

2. Rose (Juliet Rose), this flower requires 15 years to grow and it costs $15.8 million

To create Juliet's rose-hybrid, David Austin needed 15 years, and David's efforts were not in vain, as this rose was the most precious flower in the world.

1. Kadupul: this flower belongs to the cactus family.

Kadipul is priceless, it rarely grows and lives only a few hours.

We have shown you 10 of the most expensive flowers in the world and we hope that now you have found your favourite flower to dream about.

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