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How to choose the best flower shop in Armenia?

17 September 2018

There are too many flower shops in Armenia and it has become a real problem how to choose the best flower shop in Armenia, which will provide fresh flowers and the service will be on the highest level.

Here are some tips on how to find the best flower shop:

1. The location of the flower shop

Surely it is more convenient to buy flowers from the city centre, but today the most convenient location of the shop is an online delivery shop. Mon Amie flower and design boutique are located in the heart of Yerevan and besides that, it has a deliver 24 hours a day.

2. The design of the flower shop

Looking at the design of the flower shop one can imagine what kind of bouquet is going to be on his/her hands after entering the shop. Surely nearly all of you have admired the fantastic view of Mon Amie flower shop, which even has become a sightseeing for the tourists.

3. Fresh flowers

The most important factor of the flower shop is the freshness of the flowers. Mon Amie flower shop and boutique are ready to attract you with the freshness of all the flowers and bouquets.

4. The price of the flowers

Do not trust the flower shops which sell flowers for 50 AMD, they may seem cheap but remember “Miser pays twice”. The cheap flowers either have no odour or are not fresh. If you are intended to buy flowers for your favourite ones, then do not be a miser!

5. The unique bouquet

Ordinary bouquets are boring, so try to find unique ones. The best place to start your research is Mon Amie flower and design boutique where you can surely feel the unique atmosphere together with the unique flowers.

Visit Mon Amie flower shop and be ready for the unique adventures with the best flower bouquets in the world!

Mon Amie, 17.09.2018