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5 Steps to Choose Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

27 March 2018

There is a popular custom about the origin of the bridal bouquets, which goes back to the ancient times and there we find that the bridal bouquet was used to protect the bride from the evil spirits.

It was believed, that the odor of the flowers drove the evils away from the happy feast. Today the odor is not so important as the design of the bouquet, so we suggest you 5 steps, which will help you to choose a bouquet for your special day.

1. Choose the color of the flowers

Before choosing a color for your wedding bouquet, you should choose a color for your whole wedding. While choosing a color for your bouquet you can coordinate or contrast the color of your wedding dress. For instance, a white wedding dress and a classic red bouquet will be a great mixture of love and passion.

2. Choose the size and the shape of the bouquet.

Do you want your bouquet be big or small? Do you want it to be round, cascade or pageant? Take time to choose the size and the shape of your bouquet. Remember, there is no good or bad shape or size, it is up to your taste.

3. Consider the season of the wedding.

Nowadays it is not a problem to find a flower in non-season though the flowers will look much better when they are in their season.

4. Determine your budget.

How much money are you going to spend on your wedding bouquet? Find it out, as some flowers cost cheap and some of them are expensive. Remember, expensive flowers do not always mean good flowers: the tastes differ.

5. Look through the bridal magazines, websites, books.

Start choosing a bouquet with finding pictures of it. You can look it through the bridal magazines, books, but the easiest way is to search it on the internet.

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