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Frequently Asked Questions about Flowers - Mon Amie

15 October 2018

There are always questions which interest the simple flower lovers and they search for the answers at any flower shop.

Unfortunately, the flower shop assistants are not Google. So here are some most popular questions with their answers. Enjoy!

Which cut flowers last the longest?

Here is the list of the longest lasting flowers:
1. Zinnia
2. Orchid
3. Carnation
4. Delphiniums
5. Chrysanthemums
6. Alstroemeria
7. Gladiolus

What flowers bloom the longest?

Asters can bloom from May to October.

Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritime) can bloom year-round.

Moonbeam is another popular long-flowering coreopsis.

What are the cheapest flowers?

Here is the list of the cheapest flowers in the whole world:

1. Roses
2. Gerbera Daisies
3. Hydrangeas
4. Daisy Spray
5. Lilies
6. Carnations

What's the most expensive flower in the world?

1. Juliet Rose - £10 million
2. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid - £160,000
3. Tulips - £3,600
4. Saffron crocus - £760-950

Which is the best flower shop in Armenia?

The best flower shop in Armenia is Mon Amie flower and design boutique as here you will be able to find the freshest flowers, the best service, the most unique bouquets, 24 hours a day delivery and this is not the end!

Which Flower shop in Armenia has 24/7 delivery?

Mon Amie Flower and design boutique offers you a 24 hours a day delivery. You can order flowers in Armenia 24/7 and be sure that the receiver will enjoy your present and attention.

Visit Mon Amie flower and design boutique and be sure that our staff knows everything about flowers!

Mon Amie, 15.10.2018