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Christmas and New Year Flower - Poinsettia

23 November 2018

Christmas and New Year are not the holidays to give flowers, but there is one exception - poinsettia!

This flower appeared not so long ago in our country, but in Europe, it is the same Christmas symbol as the Christmas tree. Many people confuse its brightly coloured leaves with the flower. So, meet - poinsettia!

Before Christmas, Europe seems to be covered with a blanket of red poinsettia leaves. In cafes, hotels, ordinary homes, you will definitely find this plant. There is a custom in Europe that the poinsettia must always stand in the centre of the Christmas table.

The Latin name of the plant is euphorbia. But another name is more popular among people - poinsettia, in honour of US Senator Joel Poinsett who was a passionate collector of this plant. Frankly speaking, poinsettia has become the symbol of Christmas because of another person.

Poinsettia can be called a Hollywood star. In 1906, a gardener Paul had the idea to sell the branches of this elegant plant on Christmas. Well, since only wealthy people could afford to buy an exotic plant, the gardener began selling them on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

People were buying poinsettia with great pleasure, so the following year an enterprising gardener began selling the plant in a pot, so it retained its ceremonial appearance longer. Gradually, poinsettia became an integral part of Catholic Christmas, and Paul Ecke made a fortune on this plant. Now it is even difficult to believe that once this plant was used in a completely different culture.

The homeland of this plant is Central America, where it reaches a height of three meters. The Indians treated the trees and herbs around them with great care and studied their usefulness. Poinsettia (in Indian – kuetlaksohitl) was believed to be a very useful plant. Its lacteal juice cured fevers, and paints were made from the leaves of this plant.

Unfortunately, poinsettia flowers are small, yellowish-greenish, in general, it is hard to notice them. From a distance, these flowers cannot be seen, so the plant attracts the attention with bright leaves. Moreover, the poinsettia has good reasons to blush rather than turn yellow.

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Mon Amie, 23.11.2018